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Custom 3D Printing

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Prototyping is an essential step in the product development process for manufacturers intent on taking quality goods to market. While our customers may need only a handful of rapid prototypes manufactured with our custom 3D printed rapid prototyping services, others may 3D print hundreds of test parts.


The rapid prototyping process often includes testing a variety of 3D printed parts.


While developing parts, testing, and implementing feedback, we can easily modify any 3D design.

Our design and print services are what you need when you need a "one off" part.


Contact Matthew in the Cedar Falls, IA. area at 563-506-9370 for more information. (College student... leave a message)

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Now with production facilities in Muscatine and Cedar Falls, Iowa.


Contact Scott at 563-506-0304 for Muscatine area. (leave a message if no answer)

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